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LOG 5KW Off Grid Solar System MPPT 5000 Watt Solar Generator Kit

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : According to customer's requirement Delivery Time : 15-20 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, L/C Supply Ability : 1000 sets per week
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Licloud
Certification: TUV/CE/ISO14001/ISO9001 Model Number: LOG-5KW

Detail Information

Product Name: Off Grid Solar System Host Output Capacity: 5000watt
Output Frequency: 50~60Hz Output Voltage: 110V/220V/230V/240V/380V/400V
Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
Controller Type: MPPT/PWM Battery Type: Deep Cycle Gel Battery
Remote Monitoring: Optional Battery Capacity: 9.6kwh
High Light:

LOG-5KW Off Grid Solar System


MPPT off grid solar system


off grid solar inverter supplier

Product Description

Complete 5000watt 48vdc 220vac 380vac Off Grid Solar System Whole Set

Off Grid Solar System uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, and then enters the solar charge/discharge control cabinet to charge the battery pack (lead-acid battery/li-iron phosphate battery) through the sink box, and finally the solar off grid inverter power supply is used to supply power to the user load through the AC output distribution box, which runs independently of the national grid. Off Grid Solar System can also be used in conjunction with generators/utility power/constitute a multi-energy complementary power generation system to supply power to the load.


System type Products Description Quantity Unit
5kw off-grid solar system SP-270W Solar panel 270W Mono 12 pcs
Controller Solar charge controller 48v 1 pcs
Inverter Pure sine wave solar inverter 5000w 48vdc 230vac 1 pcs
LCPC12-200 Deep cycle gel battery 8 pcs
Battery rack Double layer arrangement 1 set
Solar panel mounting bracket Hot-dip galvanized, aluminum alloy 1 set
Accessory DC cables, PV connectors 1 set


LOG 5KW Off Grid Solar System MPPT 5000 Watt Solar Generator Kit 0

Solar panel features

  • The module has good performance under extreme (temperature, load, impact) conditions
  • Good weak light performance (morning, evening, cloudy day) verified by authoritative third party test
  • The positive tolerance of output power ensures the customer to obtain higher output power than the conventional warranty
  • 100% El test before and after lamination, 100% El test of finished products, providing higher quality assurance

Solar inverter features

  • With the function of charging with municipal electricity, and the charging current can be adjusted

  • It adopts power frequency inverter, pure sine wave AC output, with UPS function and strong load capacity

  • Multiple protection functions such as undervoltage, overload, over current, high temperature, high voltage and short circuit ensure the safety of products

Solar charge controller features

  • Ultra wide photovoltaic input voltage range, more convenient system configuration
  • 12V / 24V / 48 automatic identification, more flexible and convenient for users
  • Intelligent battery management function to extend battery life
  • RS485 communication interface can be selected and configured, which is convenient for users to integrate management.

Solar batteries features

  • The performance of deep discharge cycle is excellent and the reliability of the system is improved effectively
  • Excellent recovery performance after over discharge
  • Wide application environment

Solar panel bracket features

  • The whole system is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel accessories and hot-dip galvanized steel, which has outstanding anti-corrosion and anti rust ability for outdoor use
  • The grounding mode is flexible and various, and cement foundation, cement column, U-shaped channel steel, inclined hook or spiral ground pile can be selected according to the site installation situation
  • High density structure design makes more rational use of space

PV combiner box features

  • Anti counter current protection, no sun at night, battery power to solar panels counter current, protect solar panels from damage
  • The special high voltage lightning protection device for photovoltaic greatly improves the safety performance of the whole system
  • PV dedicated high voltage circuit breaker control output, easy to manage the entire solar system, when the circuit failure is conducive to maintenance

Solar cable features

  • It greatly improves the conductivity and reduces the line loss
  • Dedicated PV adapter, waterproof grade IP67
  • Special photovoltaic cable, after special irradiation treatment, can be used outdoors for more than 25 years

Main advantages:

  • Type: Off Grid Solar System
  • Five protection functions of under voltage/short circuit/over voltage/over load/over temperature

  • LCD intelligent display

  • Automatic conversion, automatic recovery and unattended functions

  • Wide range of system application

  • Full installation technical guidance

  • 3 years warranty, lifetime after-sales service


  • Type: Off Grid Solar System
  • High efficiency MPPT charging mode, three-stage charging control

  • Perfect system protection functions include: overcharge, over discharge, overload, short circuit, anti-reverse connection, lightning strike, etc.

  • Use imported IGBT/MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch

  • LCD liquid crystal display system parameters of the current operating status

  • New SOC calculation, accurate display of real-time battery capacity

Design of Off Grid Solar System

  • According to the load size and type, single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V, the rated power of off grid inverter is determined.
  • According to the discharge time of the energy storage battery required by the load, determine the size of the energy storage battery (such as how many kwh to store).
  • According to the load power consumption (how many kilowatt hours of electricity) and the local sunshine situation, select the board with high power.
  • The size of charge controller is selected according to the size of photovoltaic panel and battery voltage.
  • Supports, cables, etc. (installed on the roof or floor).


  • Type: Off Grid Solar System
  • Transportation field such as beacon light, traffic/railway signal light, traffic warning/sign light, street light, high altitude obstacle light, highway/railway wireless phone booth, unattended road shift power supply, etc.

  • Communication/Communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, fiber optic cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power supply system; rural carrier phone PV system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc.

  • Oil, marine, meteorological field: solar power system for cathodic protection of oil pipelines and reservoir gates, living and emergency power supply for oil drilling platforms, marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.

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