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80Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery 24kg Maintenance Free Battery For Ups

Minimum Order Quantity : 10 pcs Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : According to customer's requirement Delivery Time : 15-20 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, L/C Supply Ability : 10000 pcs per week
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Licloud
Certification: CE Model Number: LCPC

Detail Information

Battery Type: Deep Cycle Gel Battery Battery Voltage: 12V
Battery Rated Capacity: 80Ah Dimensions: 331*175*220mm
Weight: 24kg Battery Cover And Exhaust Tether Structure: Valve Regulated Sealed Battery
Output Type: Terminal Output/Cable Output Application: Energy Storage/solar System
Charge State: Maintenance-free Battery Warranty: 3 Years
High Light:

80Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery


24kg Deep Cycle Gel Battery


24kg maintenance free battery for ups

Product Description

12V 80Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery Solar System Home System High Performance

LCPC series Deep Cycle Gel Battery uses the latest technology for data centers and UPS systems. With multi-corrosion resistant alloys, special grid design, proprietary additives, unique plate ratio design, low density electrolyte and combined labyrinth pole sealing technology, LCPC series Deep Cycle Gel Battery is dedicated to provide stable, reliable and reliable lead-acid batteries for data room UPS systems, communication systems, power systems, etc.


Model Nominal Voltage Capacity C10 Weight Dimension
Height Length Width
V Ah kg mm mm mm
LCPC 7-12 12 7 2.3 101 151 65
LCPC 12-12 12 12 3.8 103 151 99
LCPC 17-12 12 17 5.5 165 181 76
LCPC 24-12 12 24 7.2 126 176 166
LCPC 33-12 12 33 9.5 160 195 130
LCPC 38-12 12 38 11.8 175 196 165
LCPC 50-12 12 50 15.7 212 227 138
LCPC 65-12 12 65 19.2 174 350 166
LCPC 70-12 12 70 21.0 212 260 168
LCPC 80-12 12 80 24.0 220 331 176
LCPC 100-12 12 100 28.8 220 331 176
LCPC 120-12 12 120 33.8 235 406 174
LCPC 150-12 12 150 41.5 240 483 170
LCPC 200-12 12 200 56.7 228 522 240
LCPC 250-12 12 250 70.5 228 522 268

80Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery 24kg Maintenance Free Battery For Ups 0
Product Features

  • Product name: Deep Cycle Gel Battery
  • Capacity range: 7Ah-250Ah
  • Voltage class: 12V
  • Float charge voltage: 13.5V-13.8V
  • Equalized charge voltage: 14.4V-14.7V
  • Long working life: 10years
  • Low self-discharge rate: ≤3%/month
  • High sealed reaction efficiency: ≥99%
  • Widen operation temperature rang: -30℃~55℃
  • Special negative lead paste formula to prevent sulfation of negative electrode plate, improve charge acceptance capacity and charge/discharge performance.
  • Waterproof terminal structure design, suitable for buried use.


  • Product name: Deep Cycle Gel Battery
  • Wide range of adaptable environment (temperature), especially good performance in low temperature, suitable for northern alpine area. Good seismic performance, can be used safely in various harsh environments.


  • Power, nuclear power station backup power supply
  • Standby power supply for ships, maritime, petrochemical systems, etc
  • Solar, wind power and wind
  • Photovoltaic complementary energy storage system
  • No utility power, poor grid areas

Compliant standards

  • IEC60896-2-1995
  • TD/T 799-2010
  • GB/T 19638.2-2005
  • GB/T22473-2008
  • YD/T1360-2005
  • JISC8704-2:1999
  • Passed ISO9001.ISO14001, GB/T28001-2001, CE,
  • TLC, CGC certificate

Use of Deep Cycle Gel Battery

  • Product name: Deep Cycle Gel Battery
  • Check before charging and discharging: Before charging and discharging, the insulation of the charging equipment should be checked to see if it is good. Specific method: use 500V megohmmeter to measure the DC charging screen bus not less than 10MΩ.
  • Initial replenishment of electricity: Before putting the battery into use after installation and inspection, it should be balanced and supplemented with 14.1V balanced charging voltage at 25℃ for a single battery, and charged in a constant voltage current-limiting way for the battery pack. The maximum charging current is set to 0.25C10A.
  • Discharge: 1) 12V battery charging and discharging, 250Ah battery with a current of no more than 25A for 10 hours to discharge until the battery termination voltage of 10.8V or more, do not over discharge.

    2) During the discharge process, measure and record the battery voltage, discharge current and ambient temperature every hour, pay attention to the change of ammeter and battery voltage at any time, when the voltage drops to about 12.0V, change to half an hour test. When the measured voltage is 10.8v, stop discharging, open the discharge switch, the discharge is over. And record the discharge termination time, battery voltage, ambient temperature.

    3) After discharge, the battery should be recharged in time, to prevent acidification of the poles, the discharge-charging interval should not exceed 8 hours, so it must be balanced within 8 hours to replenish the electricity, the average charging voltage is set to 14.1V (the average of the measured value of the positive and negative terminals of the battery at 25℃), and the maximum charging current is set to 0.25C10A. The battery will run normally with the float charging voltage of 13.5V. Battery 13.5V.

    4) After discharge, check the discharge capacity at 25℃, it should be not less than 85% of the rated capacity, i.e. 12V250AH battery is not less than 212.5Ah.

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