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200KW on grid pv power generation system in India

August 16, 2021

Latest company news about 200KW on grid pv power generation system in India

This project is a on grid pv power generation project using C-channel steel brackets and polycrystalline solar panels with a flexible and versatile arrangement of brackets. There are quite a few benefits such as heat insulation and cooling, beautifying the roof environment, sharing the peak electricity price, etc. The C-channel steel angle is expected to maximize the power generation after the best local angle adjustment, resulting in higher revenue and much faster cost recovery than the PV power generation from scaffolding. Parts are made of excellent 6063 aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel to ensure the durability of the material and long service life. c-channel steel brackets take full account of load-bearing, wind and earthquake resistance and undergo strict calculations and tests to ensure safety and reliability.

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