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Rooftop photovoltaic power generation project in rural areas

August 16, 2021

Latest company case about Rooftop photovoltaic power generation project in rural areas

The family distributed photovoltaic power generation system was introduced to our county at the beginning of this year, and in just six months, branch distribution points have been set up in 12 townships (streets) across the county. At present, a total of more than 100 households have signed photovoltaic power generation agreements, and 57 residents have completed installation and operation.

Residential family-type distributed photovoltaic power generation is the use of photovoltaic modules, the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity for self-generation and self-consumption of households. The project is a national energy subsidy project, implementing a full electricity subsidy policy of RMB 0.42 per kWh. If there is a shortage of electricity for the customer, it will be provided by the grid enterprise, with separate settlement for up and down grid electricity. If there is a surplus of electricity each month, it can be bought on the grid by the grid enterprise at RMB0.377 per kWh.

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