NCM Lightweight Lithium Battery

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Licloud
Certification: CE/ROHS
Model Number: LT
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: According to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 15-20 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 3000 pcs per week

Detail Information

Product Name: Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light Battery Type: LiFePO4/NCM
Standard Voltage: Lithium Battery 12.8V Battery Capacity: 180Ah
Dimensions: 450*195*135mm Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy Shell
Weight: 18.5kg IP Rating: IP67
Application: Solar Street Light Battery Working Temperature: -20~+55℃
High Light:

LiFePO4 lightweight lithium battery


NCM lightweight lithium battery


NCM lightweight lithium ion battery

Product Description

12 Volt 24 Volt Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light Easy Installation Integrated



Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light than lead-acid battery pollution is small, green and environmental protection. We all know that the service life of lead-acid batteries is very short, it is cheap, but 5 years may have to change once, which will greatly increase the pollution of the environment. The installation saves time and effort. Now the use of Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light has been carried out to the solar street light industry, replacing the lead-acid and gel batteries. Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light can be adjusted according to the user's needs for the battery, the length of use, etc. Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light contains a BMS system, which can independently detect the current and voltage of the battery, such as abnormal conditions, the BMS system are able to automatically adjust.


Basic parameters
Nominal voltage 12V
Nominal capacity 180Ah
Structural parameters
Length 450±3mm
Width 195±3mm
Height 135±3mm
Weight 18.5kg
Electrical parameters
Charging mode CC/CP/VP
Charging current 10A (standard)
10A (Maximum Continuous Charging Current)@25℃)
Charging cut-off voltage 14.4V/CELL
Discharge mode CC/CP/VP
Discharge current 1C (standard)
2C (Maximum continuous discharge current@25°C)
Discharge cut-off voltage 10.4V/CELL
Working conditions
Working temperature Charging: 0~+50℃
Discharge: -20~+60℃
Storage temperature Short term storage:-10~+60 ℃ (<three months, SOC: 20%~60%)
Long term storage:-10 ~+40 ℃(<one year, SOC: 30%~60%)Replenishment of electricity every three months
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Shipment status Voltage: 3.20~3.25V


NCM Lightweight Lithium Battery 0


Product Features

  • low light level charging, improve the charging efficiency and charge a single group of cells evenly.
  • Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light is very high temperature resistance. Solar street lights are exposed to the sun every day, so the temperature environment has higher requirements. Solar Lithium Battery For Street Light thermal peak can be 350 ~ 500℃, can be used in the -20℃ - 60℃ environment.

  • Battery system multi-level management: Battery system multi-level management, with short-circuit protection, primary overcharge protection, secondary overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, temperature protection, equalization and other functions, to provide security for the safe and reliable operation of the energy storage system

Main Advantages

  • Adjustable solar panel bracket, the greater to improve the light collection;

  • Long Service Life

  • High battery capacity: the stored power is more than 5 times of ordinary batteries.

  • Simple installation: the solar street light lithium battery is small in size and light in weight for easy installation

  • Waterproof Aluminum Alloy Shell: The solar street light lithium battery is used outside, so we have to adapt to all kinds of weather. Here we use IP67 aluminum alloy shell, which is waterproof, collision-proof and fire-proof to ensure adequate battery safety.

Production Process

  • Capacity separation of lithium battery cells: All cells should be divided for the second time to ensure the full capacity of the battery.
  • Battery pack: The internal resistance and voltage of the battery core are paired in groups to ensure that all internal resistance and voltage of the whole battery pack are consistent, and the products with higher safety and quality can be achieved
  • Bracket combination: The battery pack adopts the safest bracket combination, so the heat dissipation effect of the battery pack is better and more reliable.
  • Battery spot welding: Spot welding with pure nickel sheet has the advantages of small internal resistance, large over-current and no heating.
  • Battery management system: Highland barley paper is used for insulation protection and safety protection when the battery is connected; The protection board has the functions of overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over-current protection and balance protection; It has no memory effect and can be charged and discharged at any time
  • Aluminum alloy shell packaging: The battery pack is packed with IP67 aluminum alloy shell, which not only makes the appearance beautiful, but also makes the safety protection of the battery not to be ignored.
  • Battery test: Battery aging test, charge discharge cycle test, we guarantee to do the best quality to customers.

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